Okay, I'm trying to catch up on my bible reading and a little behind....already in this new year! I read this today and just loved it! I'm a musician and director of our music department at church. Sometimes dealing with sound men can be a challenge. In fact, we've clashed and butted heads on an occasion or two. I loved this entry for yesterday, Jan 12th.

I'm sure you've been in church and heard some awful sound come from the sound system and everyone looks back at the guys running sound. It is a thankless job at times. I do try to remember to thank them for doing an excellent job every week.

Hope you enjoy this entry and next time you see your sound men....thank them for a job well done. They could probably use the encouragement once in awhile!

WOW Director

Recently I attended a memorial service for a gifted musician whose life had touched many people. The tribute to this Christian woman included video and audio clips, photos, instrumentalists, and speakers. After everyone had left the church, I stopped to thank the technicians whose flawless work at the control board had contributed so much to this moving tribute. “No one noticed what you did,” I told them. “That’s the way we like it,” they replied.

In Matthew 6, Jesus told His disciples to give (vv.1-4), pray (vv.5-6), and fast (vv.16-18) in order to please God, not to gain praise from people. “When you pray, go into your room, and when you have shut your door, pray to your Father who is in the secret place” (v.6). Whether giving, praying, or fasting, Jesus said, “Your Father who sees in secret will reward you openly” (vv.4,6,18).

Something within us makes us want to be seen and recognized for our good deeds. While there’s nothing wrong with encouragement and appreciation, a desire for praise can undermine our service because it shifts the focus from others to ourselves. When there is no public “thank you,” we may feel slighted. But even when we serve God in secret, He sees it all.

The service that we do for God
May go unpraised by men;
But when we stand before the Lord,
He will reward us then. —Sper

It is better to earn recognition without getting it than to get recognition without earning it.