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WOW stands for Women of Worth, a ministry to women in North Port and our community hosted by Gulf Coast Assembly of God.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Wow was Wow!

Greetings Ladies,

We had an awesome evening Tuesday with our guest speaker Pastor Judi Cotignola. She was amazing and brought a powerful word on How Bright is your Star?

Several quotes from her were:

"We need less information and more revelation."

"More God and more power = More obedience!"

"The annointing comes with a price."

"Jesus was blamed, but was blameless."

"Relationship with people can be messy."

"Take off the garment of despair and put on the garment of praise."

"We have to let go of the ashes and mourning to get to the beauty."

So, if you missed it Tuesday night these were some highlights she shared with us.


Monday, June 20, 2011

Judi Cotignola WOW June Event!

Greetings Ladies!

My sweet and dear friend Judi Cotignola will be coming to share with us next week for our monthly WOW event on Tuesday,June 28 at 6:3o pm.

We will begin our evening with a pot-luck meal, so please sign up in the lobby for a food entree that we can share that night.

This will be our last meeting for a couple of months as we are taking a break. I hope that you will come and be a part of this evening.

You can RSVP through this blog or call the church office at 941-429-1939 to reserve your spot.

Looking forward to seeing you next week!

You are loved!

LaDonna Jones
WOW director

Sunday, June 12, 2011

I will!

Dear Ladies,

There is a scripture that I remember our good friend and deceased church member, Gail Gaffron would say, "I will bless the Lord at all times and His praise will continually be on my lips."

Gail was ill in the later years that we knew her and she suffered tremendous pain throughout her body, but you never knew it. She would speak encouraging words and proclaim this scripture regardless of how she felt.

She was always a source of encouragement to my husband, Pastor Keith as well as to others she knew. She always listened to those that would go to her and they knew she could keep a confidence.

I was cleaning out a drawer the other day and came across a card she had given me. I have other precious keepsakes that she gave me while attending our church and seeing those items remind me of how special she was.

Another saying she'd say, "This too shall pass".

Most of us are going through "stuff" in our lives. God still deserves the glory and praise for all that He has done regardless if we think he is moving in our lives or not. Be assured He is moving.

Just because a negative diagnosis has been spoken over me... I remember her words of praise!

I believe that He is working all things out together for our good and yes, I will bless the Lord in the good times and in the bad and His praise will continually be on my lips.

Gail was truly was one of the wisest women I've ever known. She is missed dearly, and those of us that she invested in carry a piece of her in our hearts and lives today.

Like Gail, I encourage you to proclaim His promises in your situations and lives.

On another note: Don't forget our last WOW get together for the summer with Pastor Judi Cotignola! She comes from Palmetto. You will be blessed by her ministry.

She has a word to encourage you I guarantee it!

Love & Hugs,