Welcome to W.O.W.

WOW stands for Women of Worth, a ministry to women in North Port and our community hosted by Gulf Coast Assembly of God.

Monday, May 30, 2011


Mentoring women is part of what I do as a leader. I've been mentoring the WOW (Women of Worth) leadership team for awhile now. It's exciting to see God raise up women in our church to be used for His glory.

It's part of the vision Pastor Keith and our church leadership is to raise up and send out. God's been doing that lately. We're so thankful to see this come to fruition in our ministry.

Jana & Peter Kozic are raising funds to go on the mission field. Ileana Reich has spoken recently at one of our sister churches in a nearby town. This past weekend Cindy Nelson had an opportunity to speak and minister to a group of ladies in Largo.

Some of our women went with Cindy to support her. She was a blessing and God used her to minister to those precious women.

God wants to use all of us in our sphere of influence. Not all of us are called to minister in front of an audience but He wants to use us where He places us "for such a time as this."

If we are faithful in the little things that He has placed before us then He'll bring the opportunities and promotion for greater things ahead.

He wants to know if we are trustworthy with what He's given us at hand to do.

I'm so proud of each lady on our leadership team and know that He desires to use each woman with the talents and skills He has blessed her with.

You are loved,
LaDonna Jones
WOW Director